Why you care which is not yours?

First of all, lets think that all what we have now is not ours. It is given freely to us by our creator, to enjoy. But there are some people who are “enjoying too much” to the extend they are destroying themselves. By doing these things, you end up, not enjoying your life to the fullest, loosing the meaning of our existence, which is to Honor God and Make Disciple. When we don,t use properly the purpose that is intended to us, our life will be meaningless.

As stated in the Book of Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” 

This is the very essence of our question. In School Plant and  Property Management Subject.. it is also applicable since the government or the administrator of each institution is entrusting to us their properties in which we are expected to take care of it.

Having the right attitude towards our work, we can help the school preserve their properties at least for couple of years. And when they see that we are responsible in little things, eventually they will entrust us with much bigger and modern facilities.


I. Prof Ed 5.

What is life for me?

Others may define Life as the Human existence, relationships, or activity in general. But it is not only that way it should be seen by human beings. They must see it as a precious gift from our Creator. Through life we can enjoy all His creations, and experience love, joy, peace, friendships etc. But the most important is accepting Jesus in our Life is the true meaning of LIFE. Without Him, all the things around us may fail us, but in Him, we will be contented in our existence in this world.

Who am I?

As most of the people around me sees me, as a tough woman, determined and can handle stress even under pressure. But for me, I am a simple person with big heart for my family and a God fearing person…

What am I here for?

As child of God, I am here to honor Him and share to others what are his promises.

As a wife, I am here to support to my husband in all his ups and downs.

 As a mother, I am here to raise up Godly children, as the Lord entrusted them to us.

As a daughter, I am here to assist,support and take care of my mother in her old age.

As a student, I am here to make the best effort that I can be in the school, as what is expected in us.

What are my strengths?

Believing in Jesus is what I only have and He is my strength all the way.

What are my weaknesses?

With the Lord in my life, there is nothing I can think of weaknesses will be part of my vocabulary.

How should I live life meaningfully?

Always bear in mind that we can live our lives meaningfully if all things that we are doing is for the Glory of God..